286 – Reverence for Bees part 3

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Jacqueline Freeman continues with Paul on an excellent discussion about beekeeping in part three. The podcast begins with the story of how Jacqueline became included on the permaculture playing cards, 6 of diamonds (beekeeping). They discuss all the ins and outs of how that came together.

The bee hut and its history is then presented which Paul and Jacqueline both use. The placement of the hut is then covered in good detail. (pros and cons).

The setting up of an empty hive and then how to bait it is discussed as Jacqueline gives a wonderful explanation of the term “swarm“, when referring to bees of course and how it may not be what everyone thinks (worth the listen for this alone). The bait can include lemongrass oil which smells like the pheromone of the queen and is often used with beehive “debris”. Different types of hives are presented 1. Langstroth hive (vertical, flat roof) good for production and somewhat time consuming. (2) Warre hives (vertical, pitched roof, hut like) designed like a hollow tree and is very hands off. (3 )Top bar hives (trough like) are horizontal and are easy to take care but the hive has a fixed amount of space and can get “honey bound”. (4) Tree hive where a natural tree or part of a tree is used or happens on its own naturally. The idea of using plastic and wax are presented as not good. “Queen Excluder” is discussed as well the role of the queen herself.

“Organic” beekeeping is discussed and numbers ranging from 30-120 of different kinds of toxic chemicals were found in the wax tested on some hives prompting Paul to say that he felt a 5 mile radius of organic everything (Yours and neighbors) is needed to produce organic honey but added he thinks that if permaculture and its principles were used he thinks this could be shortened to 300 feet for 1 hive. Jacqueline suggest that bees are travelers and are naturally curious/explorers but she encourages Paul to give it a go. They discuss how your neighbors affect your bee production greatly along with mold issues. Paul finishes this portion out with a description of his bee “hut”.

Credits: Rob Young

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