178 – Livestock Guardians and Rocket Mass Heaters

Paul Wheaton talks to Matt Walker, who has made rocket mass heaters, and is raising livestock guardian dogs. Matt has a great pyrenees and a northwest farm terrier, and the great pyrenees performs a little better. The terrier is great for catching rats. They talk about barking. They talk about deer control and the garden. Matt has experimented with making rocket mass heaters with glass. His design makes an extra chamber, which he can bake bread in. He also included an upside-down cast iron for a hot plate. He uses a lot less wood than he used to with his woodstove. They talk about Ernie and the wood burning stove forum. Matt also made a few innovations on his outdoor rocket mass heater, which doubles as a grill or marshmallow roaster. Matt talks about his tilted hugelkultur beds. He also does rotational grazing and lets his animals eat the bark on the wood he will use for the rocket mass heater. They talk about using the bone sauce to deter animals from fruit trees.
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