288 – Update from Wheaton Laboratories Part 1

Lunch time at Base camp is the setting for this podcast with Paul and the group (PB, Emily, Oliver and Sam) discussing life and projects going on at the wheaton laboratories. Peaceful Valley Farm Supply is mentioned as the sponsor for a contest ($1000.00 gift certificate prize) where the contestants prove that planting tomato seeds outdoors rather than transplanting them is much better. Paul gives the details on the parameters of the contest. The contest ends in October. See this thread for more details.

The lemon tree project is discussed along with others: a pond, a Hugelkulture bed, a swale and a terrace.

The woofer program on the land is now called gappers(Goofy About Permaculture).This term gives more flexibility, leverage and vagueness to those who visit the land. Paul’s Gapper program is compared with other programs (Bullock Brothers, Ben Falk) and why Paul’s may be better or not.

The podcast then turns to Paul’s brother Tim. Their childhood is glazed over at first and then Tim’s skills are presented along with his personality. Tim is also looking for people with REAL construction skills ( he will sponsor 2) to come out and help build. (Wofati workshop, 4 weeks) Email Tim at richsoil dot com for details.

Permacultue voices conference, worm vermiculture, berms, soul labor projects, more Gappers, new babies of all types, the finishing of the Wofati and mushroom growing are also touched on as well.

Credits: Rob Young

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