294 – Solar Powered Homestead Part 2

In Podcast 294 Paul, Rick, Jason, Steve Heckeroth, and Stuart Davis continue their review of the solar workshop. They begin by noting the power of one image on Steve’s presentation that demonstrated the massive amounts of solar energy the sun gave in the last 100 years compared to the tiny amount of petroleum we have used in the same amount of time.

The guys then get into discussing why they prefer DC loads, and what kind of voltages are appropriate for a house. They decide that 48 volts is probably the magic number considering a 48 volt pack can end up getting up to 60 volts.

Paul talks a little bit about the monetary technicalities of this workshop and how they might need to find a new, more economic way to run them.

Paul then brings up the love shack which is basically a tiny house, but even smaller. It is on a skiddable structure that he thought would do fine with 200 watt solar panels but that hasn’t exactly been the case. He brainstorms heating it with an incandescent light but realizes that would probably take up too much power. This leads them into a discussion of LED and incandescent lights. They talk about each of their benefits and drawbacks.

They go back to thinking about the loveshack and discuss the possibilities of using masts or just eventually moving it to a different place with the skids.

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Credits: Cassie Langstraat

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