348 – Permaculture Millionaire

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Paul wrote a post as a reaction to an article in the Huffington Post about permaculture. It is the story of Gert and Ferd. Ferd commutes to work, buys all his food, buys all his entertainment and has little disposable income. Gert is living the permaculture dream; she is not rich, but she would not know what to do with more money. She is, by definition, living the life of a millionaire. She represents a type of person living a permaculture path that do not necessarily share their experience in writing or through other media. It is just one scenario, one way to live a permaculture way. There are many ways.

After Paul telling the story, the discussion moves onto other topics such as land access, financial strategy, community, how living wage is a relative concept, chem ag vs. permaculture, and much more.

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