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Podcast 271 – Rocket Mass Heater Shippable Core Update

Paul and Erica discuss shippable cores along with work done at the tipi. One of the days during the workshop included flooding the tipi with heat because the mass was frozen, frozen rock solid. The next day, after heating up the mass the heater worked much better. There were many projects going on all at […]

Podcast 268 – Rocket Mass Heater Update Part 2

Credit: Mike Ewing This is part two of a two part podcast in which Paul chats with Paco Wenzel, Zach Weiss, Derek Weiss, and Tony Ayuba, the folks who came out to work on the various winter rocket mass heater projects. [0:00] Paul starts with an introduction of Zach, who Paul say IS Holzer agroecology […]

Podcast 265 – Updates from the lab part 3 – Tools, volunteers, and homestead butchery

Credit: Kevin Murphy and Marianne Cooper Paul discusses seed balls, planting of perennials, berms and hugelkultur beds planned for winter. The solar electric sawmill is doing well; electric chainsaws working well; cordless saw is nimble; little Mikita is very handy but in the shop. Paul’s electric Remmington died. Motors in the electric saws seem to burn […]

Podcast 263 – Updates from the lab part 1 – rocket mass heater, showers, poopers

Credit: Rob Young Paul begins this podcast by explaining the lack of new podcasts and an update on the work that has been going on. A 3 day “rest” period from work was decided to heal up since everyone had been going at such a scramble, scramble rapid pace. Emily, Tony and Jason join in […]

Podcast 261- Residual Income Streams

Paul and Jocelyn talk about Residual income streams, and touch on the Rocket Mass Heater DVDs – Physical DVDs or Streaming and also the Kickstarter for the Permaculture playing cards. Perma-Finances Or how to stop being a wage slave This may be one of the last formal podcasts with all of the millions of to-dos […]

Podcast 260 – Homestead Butchering Q&A

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Credit: Mike Ewing In this podcast, Paul interviews Brandon Sheard the Farmstead Meatsmith on homestead butchering, taking his questions from those posted by readers in this thread. The interview is conducted over Skype, leading to some audio problems at Brandon’s end unfortunately. Paul starts by thanking Brandon for allowing him to publish Brandon’s videos […]

Podcast 259 – Update from The Laboratory

Credit: Sally Chang Five people and five days at the lab. Getting Paul caught up on progress, sightings and other less interesting stuff. First on the list is the POOPER: there are concerns about the strength of the structure and proper venting. Should garbage cans or plastic wheely bins be used for storage. Rafters are […]

Podcast 256 – Paul’s Community

Credit: Marianne Cooper Paul and Jocelyn are driving across Washington State Desert. The perfect time for a podcast. People are physically moving to the Base Camp including Paul’s brother. Progress is being made and some of the 1st people that arrived, like Ryan, wanted to participate in necessary tasks like dropping a tree. As mentioned […]

Podcast 255 – Land update part 2

Credit: Summary prepared by Susan Noyes This is a land update where Paul discusses with Ryan and Jesse things that were done this week: setting up a second tipi, conversations about a well, pooper, setting up tipis, green woodworking. The JetPack people were mentioned; their names are posted in the dining room at BC. These […]

Podcast 254 – Land update: pooper, well, fencing

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Credit: Summary prepared by Marianne Cooper This is the perfect early morning breakfast podcast as there’s mouthwatering discussion about huckleberry pie (a member of the blueberry family) with Paul, Jessie & Ryan. They give us a land update us on what is going on at Paul’s farm also known as “The Land” (TL). The discussion […]