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Podcast 265 – Updates from the lab part 3 – Tools, volunteers, and homestead butchery

Credit: Kevin Murphy and Marianne Cooper Paul discusses seed balls, planting of perennials, berms and hugelkultur beds planned for winter. The solar electric sawmill is doing well; electric chainsaws working well; cordless saw is nimble; little Mikita is very handy but in the shop. Paul’s electric Remmington died. Motors in the electric saws seem to burn […]

Podcast 260 – Homestead Butchering Q&A

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Credit: Mike Ewing In this podcast, Paul interviews Brandon Sheard the Farmstead Meatsmith on homestead butchering, taking his questions from those posted by Permies.com readers in this thread. The interview is conducted over Skype, leading to some audio problems at Brandon’s end unfortunately. Paul starts by thanking Brandon for allowing him to publish Brandon’s videos […]