Podcast 254 – Land update: pooper, well, fencing

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Credit: Summary prepared by Marianne Cooper

This is the perfect early morning breakfast podcast as there’s mouthwatering discussion about huckleberry pie (a member of the blueberry family) with Paul, Jessie & Ryan. They give us a land update us on what is going on at Paul’s farm also known as “The Land” (TL). The discussion quickly moves to “Hob Sauce” enjoyed at a local diner and “THE Man Sauce” sampled earlier by Paul in Bellevue, Washington.

BC – Base Camp. Jessie and Ryan experienced Montana storms in the comfort, or discomfort of a nylon tent. Discussion then moves to better weather events like exploring track hoe usage and time management. Bottom line, they all agree that every task, regardless of how simple it initially appears takes far longer than planned. Their focus was the pooper. They drew, discussed design, thermal mass, ventilation and roofs that would protect unpainted wood. They then spent time finding reasonably priced lumber, then a frustrating amount of time actually getting the lumber to the site.

Mud pumping well drilling was the next topic which also includes using dowsing rods to locate underground water. There is scientific question as to the accuracy & ligament usage of the rods, but they did experience the hangers moving on their own and after digging at the noted site, through dry top soil/clay, they did find wet clay.

An important plug for Missoula free-cycles was made after they noted the electric bicycle they acquired.

The discussion then moved to security and gates. So far a big metal gate was installed on one side and Paul’s brother built and installed a wooden gate on the other. So far, people have driven around the metal gate which led Paul to down a few trees on either side. The wooden gate has been driven into, chained and pulled loose. Again trees were downed on either side and they were heading up to check the game cameras for evidence.

Paul’s been working on the final touches on the Rocket Mass Heater DVDs – they should be out soon. Stay tuned.

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