podcast 408 – Listener questions – Part 1

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Paul Wheaton and Jocelyn Campbell are on a road trip to the Seattle area. They discuss and answer listener questions and catch people up on what is happening at Wheaton Labs.

Paul starts off explaining how a “glitch” at Patreon causes a surprise for Paul. Paul is very busy, so in an effort to spread the Permaculture word he compensates some individuals to help him produce, edit and distribute his podcasts and videos. The “glitch” caused Paul to rework his Patreon account and split it into one channel for Podcasts and one channel for Videos, so people who want to support him through Patreon can choose just one or both.

Paul then moves on to talking about creating the “Tango” Trail that accesses a part of the property that was hard to get to before the trail. The Trail was improved by a lot of the work performed by a visiting boot who was at Wheaton Labs on a working vacation. Jocelyn then reads a lovely note from Patreon supporter Chris Sugg, thanking Paul for all the work he has put into the universe and how being introduced to Permaculture has changed his life. Paul spends some time explaining how grateful he is to his supporters and how he hopes that support will continue in the future.

Paul and Jocelyn then spend a bit of time going over upcoming events at Wheaton Labs, including a Roundwood Timber Framing Event happening from September 24th thru October 5th, 2018, the Kickstarter Rocket Oven Pizza Party October 5th thru 7th, 2018 and the exciting news that a spec Wofati (built on contract for sale after completion) is going to be built. The site will be an acre with a full Wofati, hugelkultur beds, a garden and surrounded by junk pole fence that will be available for purchase after building completion. The Wofati project has a builder but they are looking for people to participate as paid builders/designers for the fence and the garden portion of the project.

After the Lab update Paul reveals that Amy Grisak, a freelance writer for New Pioneer magazine, has asked Paul to answer some questions relating to Permaculture for an upcoming article, so Paul answers the following questions (with help and insight from Jocelyn):

What is the big deal with Permaculture?

What has the enormous hugelkultur bed done for you?

What is your opinion of Honey bees vs. Native Bees?

The first part of the podcast ends after a discussion of Honey Bees and “Native” pollinators and the remainder of Amy’s questions will be covered in upcoming podcast 409.

Credit: Eric Tolbert

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