292 – Review of the Permaculture Orchard

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Jocelyn, Sam and the recently crowned (by Sepp Holzer) Duke Paul Wheaton review The Permaculture Orchard movie by Olivier Asselin that features Stefan Sobkowiak. Note: Paul is the Supreme Executive Producer with Bacon, Cheese and Sparkles for the movie. Stefan’s goal was to convert a traditional rowed orchard, in Quebec, into a more earth friendly permaculture environment as well as being certified organic.

The topic opens with accolades to the perma-band, Formidable Vegetables, who play throughout the textbook like presentation.

All of them feel this is good intro to permaculture in a clear and succinct format for anyone fairly new to the concept. There are several comments on whether a permaculture orchard is even possible, especially with the concentration of apple trees vs a broader variety including locust and nuts. Further discussion evolves about the mulch being used as well as permaculture being “beyond organic” especially with the synthetics allowed under the current organic regulations.

Sam addresses that the site selection is of great importance with water table and drainage concerns. They also discuss the necessary diligence taken with wind protection, micro climates and frost movement. Paul prefers the middle ground, on a slope not only for orchards, but gardens, your home aka everything!

Paul takes exception to Stefan’s comment “you’re just going to have grass” and some of his aggressive pruning techniques.  Discussion moves to the “trio” of trees Stefan outlines in his plan and Paul mentions that he would prefer 1 out of 10 trees being fruit.

Jocelyn shared the best “fun fact” that birds prefer honeysuckle to cherries. No one was familiar (nor was I) of this deterrent.

They mentioned “Broken Limbs” movie and how in this documentary the trees are vastly spread out, no sprays etc and loads of animals.

Discussion moved to dwarf trees that Stepan prefers as well as his preference of planting very young trees to the “grow from seed” that both Paul and Sepp Holzer prefer.

Paul’s Closed Canopy Organic Gardening video was also mentioned and they discussed how there was so much stuff planted and no grass. All agree that this is a must watch presentation as well.

All agreed that the movie was excellent and worth watching.

Credits: Marianne Cooper

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