335 – What to Expect When Visiting Wheaton Labs Part 2

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In part 2, Paul continues his conversation with gapper Fred Tyler. Paul discusses issues he has had with people who want to socialize more than actually get any work done. Paul talks briefly about his weight and work ethic, in response to a comment made by a troll on Reddit. (see part 1, podcast 334) Another Redditor commented that Wheaton Labs doesn’t even sell produce, and therefore cannot be called a farm. Paul clarifies: Wheaton Labs is not a farm, it is a place to garden gardeners, a place for permaculturists to be and to create permaculture.

Paul and Fred discuss a past gapper who failed to meet the minimum effort expected of a gapper. They talk about the ant village as a way people can free themselves from the rat race. Paul reflects on how people tend to call him a tyrant, noting that tyranny is subjective and relative. Paul admits he is tyrannical, or is he perhaps a rational person? The answer may depend on your set of values. Permies.com is not so much censorship as it is quality controlled.

Paul recounts an interaction he had with ‘supergirl’, a self proclaimed expert, and assertions she made about what she calls ‘physics’. Paul explains how a rocket mass heater outperforms a conventional wood burning stove, and describes how stove testing facilities can rig a test to make a stove seem more efficient.

Paul mentions a few of his principals, things he will not compromise on, like bringing toxins onto the property. He would prefer to have folks with similar values be involved with Wheaton Labs, people who have listened to and understand the content in the podcasts, rather than try to change someone with a contrasting set of values. Paul wants to make his standards clear and communicate his opinions, even if his popularity suffers. He takes a moment to thank people for sending him kind and encouraging emails, although he sometimes has an easier time responding to argumentative messages.

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