355 – Review of Just Enough Part 1

Paul had Abe Coley, from Home ReSource in Missoula, with him in this podcast to review Just Enough: Lessons on Living Green from Traditional Japan, by Azby Brown.

The book is written in stories, extensively researched. In this podcast they discuss the Forward and Chapter One, the farmer from kai province.

In the Foreword the author talks about the present state of the world having parallels with earlier Japan and how in the late Edo they pulled themselves back from potential societal and environmental collapse and progressed into a superior traditional technology and culture which can be useful for us to incorporate. This starts with having ‘just enough’ as the basis of one’s world view.
Paul says that Just Enough, for him, relates to the husp aspect of his anticipated land project. HUSP is Horticulture in the United States of Pocahontas, what the States might be like now if it hadn’t been colonized by Europeans when it was. The describes very strict, pure, simple, and clean ways of life from the late Edo period 1603 – 1868 before Japan opened itself up to the West and industrialization.
Abe liked the pictures of plants and wished that they’d been labeled with western names. He also enjoyed the clear structure and explanatory nature of the book. They both found many of the practices, illustrations, etc very reminiscent of permaculture. They then discussed various aspects and scale of organization of farm and village systems.

Credit: Susan McGuinness

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