140 – Suburban Permaculture in Great Falls, Montana

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Paul Wheaton talks to some local folks after his talk on replacing irrigation with permaculture in Great Falls, MT. Great Falls is very windy, which dessicates the landscape. Paul advises building berms more than using trees for windbreaks. They have no morning dew. They talk about their snake habitat. Paul talks about snow drifts and drainage. They don’t have a lot of topsoil there. They get 13 inches of rain per year, and have a 7.5, slightly alkaline soil pH. There aren’t a lot of trees around, but they have some friends that can give them some wood for a hugelkultur bed. They talk about deer control, and livestock guardian animals. Paul suggests a farm terrier rather than a great pyrenees, since she has less than 5 acres. Paul suggests not bringing organic matter in from elsewhere. Paul talks about transplanting trees and losing the tree’s taproot.
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