167 – Sepp Holzer Visit Part 3

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Paul Wheaton talks to Bill Schneiders, Owen Hablutzel, and Neil Bertrando about Sepp Holzer week. Owen is connected with Holistic Management International and Permaculture Research Institute USA. Neil does keyline design and permaculture. They talk about greening the desert projects. They talk about water that is dead vs. water that is alive. Owen talks about what Allan Savory has been focusing on in reversing desertification. Geoff Lawton has been working on a fully sustainable city in the Emirates. Sepp is very popular in Russia. Sepp looks at what are the causes of what created a problem, rather than just the solution. It’s illegal to sell seeds unless you’re Monsanto. They talk about how Sepp gets around legality issues. Some people give Sepp a critical eye for using large earth moving equipment. Paul talks about “purple breathing.” They talk about straight lines and hugelkultur beds. The bone sauce lasts for 30 years. They talk about how many people Holzer permaculture could sustain if it were used around the world. Sepp says fire is never used to heal a landscape. Sepp says strawberries grown amongst stones taste so much sweeter than strawberries grown in soil.