057 – Preparing a Food Forest

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Paul and Joe talk about turning the back of her property to a food forest. They begin talking about the success of rhubarb–a nitrogen pig–and growing it in hugelkultur beds. Paul mentions putting a sun scoop in–a horseshoe-shaped garden. The curved end would grow the tallest things. They look at Joe’s siberian pea shrub and observe its pods snapping. Its leaf litter makes for good organic matter.

Paul suggests Joe can her pie cherries, so they don’t go to waste, and they briefly discuss canning (see forum: cooking and food preservation for info on canning). Paul then shares a strategy for getting rid of bindweed, as well as the fact that, on the lawn, it can’t tolerate mowing high.

They then discuss the benefits of growing apple trees from seed. Although they generally do not grow true to parent, (except some varieties of apricot), their taproots are valuable, and you can always graft palatable apples onto the “spitter” trees. They mention the value of starting tomatoes from seed vs transplanting them as transplanting them shocks them for a bit.

Paul shares how Dave Boehnlein of the Bullock Brothers Homestead would graft a pear tree on a hawthorne tree (covered in thorns) 5-6 ft above the ground. This way, at deer level there are thorns, but above, via a ladder, there are pears!

Paul briefly discusses the use of hedgerows as deer control, which can be set up during the winter. Joe shares some raspberries to Paul which she had watered everyday, and Paul talks about how the less you water them, the more flavor they have. He says that he prefers having tall raspberry canes, and planting them in hugelkultur beds to avoid the need to irrigate. He finishes talking about the apple tree in the yard, and how awesome it is.

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