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This podcast is an audio track extracted from an experimental YouTube
live broadcast.

Paul Wheaton and Shawn Klassen-Koop discuss working on the Better
World Book that will be coming out as a Kickstarter after the first of
the year. Paul has been posting drafts of some chapters of the book on
various locations and forums in the permies.com site.

Paul starts out by reading a paragraph from the book on recycling and
then discusses the process with Shawn about how they decide what to
keep, what to cut and how to hone the writing to make sure the focus
stays on the points that they are trying to make.

Paul discusses at some length who the target audience is for the book
and why they are trying so hard to stay under 200 pages and keep the
book from turning off people who have not yet been immersed in the
Permaculture world.

While reading the Recycling chapter Paul discusses how recycling is
not the ultimate in conservation, how even recycling still has to have
processes performed against the material to recycle it into something

Paul then goes over in some depth the Reduce, Reuse, Repair and
Recycle which the preferred order to reduce waste instead of just
recycling. Order is important.

Paul continues on to explain issues with municipal composting and
persistent herbicides and why that can be a horrible thing if you use
it on your garden and also how persistent herbicides get into the food
stream as well. Paul’s advice is if you are going to use compost, use
compost you make yourself so you know what is in it. There is some
discussion of the Humanure system as championed by Joseph C. Jenkins
and a brief discussion of the some of the concerns with using human
generated composting.

General discussion of the Wheaton Eco Scale and answering some
questions from the people who attended the live session with Paul and
Shawn. Shawn explains why he got involved in the book project and Paul
ends with some thoughts about how to improve the world in some small

Credit: Eric Tolbert

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