111 – Integrity and Being Alone

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Paul Wheaton talks about holding true to your value set or having friends. Paul’s started communities and left and they’ve fallen apart. He talks about when he feels it’s appropriate to say, “Fuck off” versus when he is encouraging spreading the hugelkultur article to 50 million people. He talks about independent thought, integrity  and consensus models that “hold a gun to your head.” He talks about being alone. He talks about the aloneness people like Sepp Holzer, Bill Mollison, and Ianto Evans have had to live. He talks about the man from the movie, The Man Who Stopped the Desert‘s own community burning down his forest when he was away. Paul wants to build good things rather than participate in drama, and people at reddit insist on getting in the way. He asks, “Am I not making the world a better place by pissing off icky people?” He also talks about his search for land, and how he needs sick people to come to his land and get well. He talks about how beautiful wind mills are.
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