152 – Sepp Holzer’s Permaculture Chapter 5 Part 2

Paul Wheaton and Alex Ojeda continue chapter 5 of Sepp Holzer‘s Permaculture. They talk about untidy gardens and “what would the neighbors think?” Paul suggests a massive hedge. They talk about how to store food in a root cellar. Paul talks about storing roots in sand. Sepp writes about storing cabbage. Paul shares about spring houses. Sepp writes that manure only belongs on the surface, and how it is important to not turn the soil. He does not water his plants, but instead plans ahead with proper mulch or other water retaining methods. Sepp writes that fertilizer is not necessary. Paul talks about biochar being appropriate where Alex is in Florida, even though he prefers hugelkultur for where he is in Montana. Sepp does not think mulch material should be shredded, so the nutrients are released slowly and do not compact. Paul likes big chunks because of the edge it creates. Paul talks about wood lice showing up in a shredded-wood hugelkultur bed. Paul talks about avoiding creating an impermeable gley layer. Sepp writes about a stinging nettle plant feed he sprays to repel aphids, as well as using spring water over tap.
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