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204 – Permaculture Presentation at Ludemans in Beaverton, Oregon – Part I

Paul opens the podcast with a parrot joke and Jimmy Pardo playing music in the background. The Symphony of Seed & Soil Tour 2012 is at Ludemans Outdoor Furniture store in Beaverton, Oregon to give a presentation. Paul fields questions from the crowd concerning urban vs rural gardening, permaculture vs organic, and elaborates on topics such as the Wheaton ecoscale, flourescence lightbulbs , HMO, Monsanto, hugelkulture, monocrops, polyculture, food production, deer, beavers, and how much land is necessary to have a successful permaculture project per person and the importance of having animals in the overall permaculture landscape and the tenets of veganism. There were also questions on how does one go from a perfect permaculture environment and make it profitable without traditional harvest and marketing methods. Different methods of creating income streams were discussed.