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Podcast 269 – Review of don’t Eat Anything with a Face Part 1

Published 10 years ago in Podcasts , Review - 0 Comments

Credit: Sally Chang

Paul, Jocelyn, Tony, Emily and Erika discuss an episode of the NPR program, Intelligence2, called Debate: Should We Avoid Eating Anything With A Face?

On the pro side is Dr. Neal Barnard and Gene Baur; the nay side includes Chris Masterjohn and Joel Salatin. You can listen to the episode here

The group concludes that the entire debate only skims the surface of a very complex issue which partially includes: nutritional needs of individuals, inconclusive scientific research on what actually constitutes health, the cost of the production of calories, and, which dietary choice (vegan or omnivore) causes the death (violent or humane) of more creatures.

Toward the end, Erika gives a poignant consideration of the life/death cycle and Jocelyn makes the point that whole systems need to be considered.

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