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Podcast 270 – Review of don’t Eat Anything with a Face Part 2

Published 10 years ago in Podcasts , Review - 0 Comments

Credit: Sally Chang

This podcast is a continuation of the discussion of the NPR program Intelligence2 Debate: Should We Avoid Eating Anything With A Face (see podcast 269 for link).

Paul wonders if vegans and vegetarians are truly aware of the actual facts of how their vegetables are grown–a process that includes lots of tilling which disturbs the soil and kills many creatures. He also questions the vegan charge that in an omnivorous diet animals are “exploited.” Erica points out that it is impossible to live without exploiting something. Paul feels that an organic vegan diet actually kills more creatures with faces than a grass-fed omnivorous diet.

There is a discussion concerning Vitamin B12 and the difficulty of getting enough it in a vegetarian diet.

Also, left out of the debate is the discussion of factory farms.

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