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010 – Making the big bucks with permaculture, part 2

This podcast is part 2 of a recorded presentation Paul gave on How to make the big bucks with permaculture in Missoula, Montana. The main topic is farm income.

He continues by giving examples of people who will pay money to work on a farm. Mary Jane Butters’ farm has people who pay to work on her farm. Her farm is in Moscow Idaho. Paul likes her model. People pay lots of money for a learning experience but Paul thinks he can do it better. Paul’s campaign will be through his website.

Paul thinks that a persons health can be improved by eating healthy Polyculture food. He moves on to discuss the movie Broken Limbs. The movie discusses how the apple industry is grim. Halfway through the movie the guy who owns the orchard sells his apples at ten times the price they got previously. By selling apples on the internet they can get a higher price. They developed a program called the apple of the week. Paul plans to go visit a farmer from the movie.

Paul explains how orchards are a mono crop, not permaculture or Polyculture. Paul takes a few questions from the audience. He then explains how diversity is important when growing fruit trees. Paul discusses a farm where they charge $4,000 per ham, how feeding pigs on acorns can generate a great deal of cash. These pigs are being raised in France. Paul thinks that pigs could be sold for similar prices here in the United States. Paul discusses how marketing is important but how limiting the number of hogs can increase your price.

Paul even mentions how vegan ethics can be applied to growing animals. Paul feels that we still do not know enough about growing healthy food. Mono cultures are not growing as healthy as poly culture grown food. He explains how mono cultures kill many types of wildlife. Paul concludes part two of three discussing different options for creating polycultures.

Credit: Kevin Murphy

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