Podcast 243 – Food Choices

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Paul and Jocelyn talk about food choices, recorded not long after Paul gave the keynote address to the permaculture convergence in San Diego.

People kept asking about “dietary restrictions” on this trip.  Paul figured he and Jocelyn should make a podcast to go over food.
“Everything in moderation, including moderation.”  For example, Paul loves pie, but only has it a couple of times a month, because he’s
noticed that pie takes away from his mental clarity.  The big three Jocelyn needs to avoid are soy, dairy and gluten.  She’d also rather
avoid carbs because she doesn’t burn a lot of calories in her work.

Both Paul and Jocelyn are paleo or Weston A Price type eaters.  Paul greatly values organic or better than organic food.  If he can get
pure and raw dairy, that seems much better for him than commercial/pasteurized dairy.  In general Paul avoids all dairy.  He
is big on pastured meats, although he can be fine with good vegan food.  Jocelyn feels a greater need for protein and meat.  She eats
vegetables, meats and fats, mostly.  She has found fermented foods to be very helpful for her health.  Another great thing is wild foods,
like nettles.

Avoiding grains helps both Paul and Jocelyn feel better.  Jocelyn notices more aches and pains the morning after eating grain or even
another starchy food.

Paul starts his day with coffee with either raw cream or coconut milk.  Jocelyn puts organic butter in her coffee!  They’ll have breakfast
later in the morning: greens sautéed in animal fat, onions, eggs, maybe bacon or sausage.  For snacks Paul likes nuts, deviled eggs,
kale chips.  For dinner, meat and vegetables.  No quinoa required! Sweet potatoes are better than regular potatoes, and sunchokes are even better.

No beer, no wine for Paul.  Jocelyn likes wine, but rarely drinks it because she feels it the next day.  Paul will indulge in a stevia
sweetened pop, and enjoys water kefir, a fermented beverage.  Paul is NOT fond of kombucha.  Jocelyn avoids yeast, so that rules out
kombucha and kefir.  Both prefer water as a drink.

Paul loves fruit, and will pick a fruity dessert (pie!) over another one.  Also, just plain fruit: apples, pineapple.

Paul notes that now that he’s no longer cooking for his son, he hardly ever cooks.  He eats “bachelor food” which he turns to only when he’s too hungry to continue.  Paul is open to trying raw food, but he’s not into the complicated preparation needed.  He is a big fan of community meals.  He would much rather stay with local people than stay at a hotel or bed and breakfast, when traveling.  If he feels like he’s going to get the foods he likes, in the way he likes (community meals) then he’s more likely to want to make a trip.  (hint, hint). In summary: meat and vegetables, don’t fear the fat. If you want Paul to come visit, tempt him with paleo food!

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