054 – Jack Spirko on Modern Survivalism

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Paul Wheaton talks with Jack Spirko of The Survival Podcast. Jack shares about Bill Mollison’s story, as well as about the immunity of self-reliant folks during economically harder times, like the Great Depression. Paul and Jack discuss the productive utilization of permaculture rather than hype. They emphasize creating profit, and how “permaculture” does not have to mean “stoned hippies.”

They share the value of being able to survive in the wild, and how that knowledge gives you back your freedom. When you become aware that everything is a choice, you can find both greater responsibility in that, and empowerment. Jack describes “modern survivalism,” and how simply going to the forest in a time of collapse won’t work. Paul and Jack agree the best way to go is homesteading. Jack shares what a Bug-out bag is–72 hrs of what you need to get to safety and resources during a time of stress–and then Paul and Jack address guns.

They then go off for a bit to discuss soil nutrients, and the ongoing nitrogen release debate Paul has with Helen Atthowe. They talk about pruning and pulsing, and how there is nitrogen release during any times of stress or low water availability.

Jack shares an example of his watermelon plant sacrificing one watermelon for the nourishment of the rest. Jack shares about EDCs–or, every day carry-ons, like a knife, or cordage. Paul and Jack talk about gold, and Paul shares how Ran Prieur recommends storing up on handtools. Jack the shares about starting his show, and the project, Agritrue, he is working on. It is about restoring truth in agriculture, and farmers self-certify themselves as silver, gold, or platinum (others can report dishonesty if it comes up). People can scan a barcode to find out about their operations on their iphone, and there is no government involvement.

Jack does not like how government and business bleed together, and Paul does not like the government’s power in saying “Thou shalt not innovate.” Paul and Jack like the idea of consumers and farmers working together. Paul shares his proposal for Agritrue. Paul mentions raising rabbits colony style vs. in a hutch. Lastly, he shares about Allan Savory‘s recent talk on desertification and the importance of grazing.

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