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292 – Review of the Permaculture Orchard

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Jocelyn, Sam and the recently crowned (by Sepp Holzer) Duke Paul Wheaton review The Permaculture Orchard movie by Olivier Asselin that features Stefan Sobkowiak. Note: Paul is the Supreme Executive Producer with Bacon, Cheese and Sparkles for the movie. Stefan’s goal was to convert a traditional rowed orchard, in Quebec, into a more earth friendly […]

291 – Beacon Food Forest

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Paul and Jocelyn are recording a podcast at the Beacon food forest in Seattle. They sorta snuck out there to visit a friend in the hospital, but took some time to visit this permaculture project and record a podcast. First, Paul talks about a visit he made months ago to a Dave Jacke workshop in […]

290 – Increasing the Velocity of Permaculture

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This is the audio for Paul’s keynote presentation at Permaculture Voices 2014. He starts the presentation by talking about what he has done: the rocket mass heater dvd , the cards, the world domination gardening dvd. He then gives a bit of background on what has happened at the wheaton laboratories. He then moves on […]