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181 – Mason Bees Part 2

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Paul Wheaton talks to Dave Hunter about mason bees and how easy they are to encourage. He distinguishes between social bees and solitary bees. One mason bee can pollinate a lot more than honey bees. Dave talks about what habits we need to shift in order to help mason bees thrive. He describes levels of […]

025 – Animal Harvest, Bees, LGD

The Podcast begins with much lament about the loss of great video footage in the Pacific Northwest and they go on to talk about taking an animal harvest class with Alexia Allen of Hawthorn Farm. This was a new experience for Jocelyn and largely a new one for Paul who had previously slaughter birds on […]

021 – Keen on Mason Bees With Dave Hunter

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Paul speaks with Dave Hunter, the man keen on bees, about mason bees and the great difference between them and honeybees and how much we don’t know about the bee world. Paul starts by speaking with Dave about the problems that have kept on growing with honeybees, like the colony collapse disorder , CCD, and […]