109 – North Facing Slope

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Paul Wheaton talks with Josh, who has 5 acres on a north facing slope in Monroe, WA. His greenhouse won’t succeed in the shade on a north facing slope. He’s cleared about an acre for growing and raising a few animals. Paul suggests building strategic berms. Josh shares about his backhoe. Paul says he would want to build the berm uphill/downhill so cold air doesn’t pool. He also thinks that would keep the road out. Paul thought Josh’s fruit trees were too close together. Paul recommends a lot of lumpiness, hugelkultur, and to eat his favorite apples and plant the seeds for a good taproot. He says that he can then graft what he likes onto the “spitter” trees. Paul says there is a higher chance of getting fungi in a greenhouse. They talk about watering, and watering the leaves causing blight problems. Josh mentions cool weather seeds in Alaska. They talk about Sepp Holzer growing citrus. Paul mentions sun traps, and Mike Oehler’s solar greenhouse design. Paul would like his hugel beds to be taller. Josh shares about his pond plans. If he can control the dribble and keep it above ground, it can be great for trout or a natural swimming pool. Josh talks about being a raw foodist and meeting his caloric needs better in tropical areas. Paul talks about Josh’s kale chips, which had a cashew, garlic, onion, and salt sauce dehydrated onto it.

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