128 – Rocket Mass Heaters, Money, and Permaculture

Paul Wheaton talks with Daniel Hatfield, an Australian permaculturalist, about rocket mass heaters. He is trying to get Ernie and Erica out to Australia to teach about rocket mass heaters, and is seeking some marketing help. Paul explains how he feels about people using his material, and mentions his blog with free stuff for folks to use. Daniel asks if the rocket mass heaters can be made lighter. Paul talks about his portable rocket mass heater. Paul suggests a smaller, narrower bench. Daniel did a PDC with Geoff Lawton. Daniel explains about an instant water heater that uses a mass of water to heat cool water that runs through a copper coil in the middle. Paul doesn’t think there’s any “boom squish” involved because it’s not a pressurized system. Daniel talks about Mollisonian permaculture, and being pragmatic. He and Paul talk about the relationship between permaculture and money. Paul talks about finding community that’s a fit for you, so that you can enjoy the benefits of 20 people living under one roof. Paul talks about the new naming policy at permies.com, and the deal behind all of the Hatfields and McCoys. Daniel mentions that he has implemented some energy savings based on Paul’s How I Saved 87% on my Power Bill article. Paul talks about using no soap or shampoo, and taking 1 minute showers. Daniel shares about showers that don’t lose their heat when you turn off the faucet. Australia will be banning the sale of hot water heaters, just like they banned incandescent light bulbs.
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