013 – Vanishing of the Bees Movie Review

In this podcast Paul and Adrien review the movie Vanishing of the Bees, narrated by celebrity permaculturist, Ellen Page. They discuss how colony collapse disorder is heavily influenced by mono cultures and heavy use of pesticides and miteicides.

Paul thinks that the movies gives a good message. The movie includes the perspective of commercial bee folks so it gives it more credence. Paul wonders that when bees get near certain soy and corn crops they accumulate some of the toxins found in dead bees. He mentions how France banned pesticides back in 1994. Paul discusses how France did an experiment with sunflowers and bees and quickly banned the use of systemic pesticides. Paul wonders who the EPA is protecting. The pesticide companies do their own tests and then the EPA approves the chemicals.

Paul feels the movie does a very good job of documenting how the bees are abused by bee breeders when reproducing with the queen. Paul mentions how his colony collapse disorder video includes a visit to Jacqueline’s farm. Most bee keepers show little reverence to the bees but Paul claims she does this wonderfully.

Simply,commercial growers can not take the time to slow down and show bees the proper respect they deserve. The movie documents how back in 2006 one farmer started to speak up and traveled all over getting the word out. Paul likes the idea of diversifying the crops so the bees have food year round. The movie includes lots of facts and quotes which Paul liked. The movie is being screened around the country. Jacqueline Freeman makes a cameo in this movie Queen of the Sun which Paul kind of likes. A brief discussion of the Queen of the Sun movie ensues.

Adrien discusses the pace of the Vanishing movie and it was good. Paul feels that the movie shows how the pesticides don’t kill bees until three generations down the line. When the fungicides are used it helps to lower the immune system. Transportation also stresses the bees. Paul thinks that a mystery still exists as to why all the bees get disoriented at the same time, leave the hive and never return.

Paul discusses how the EPA is letting us all down. Why is our media not covering this issue? Paul wonders why investigative journalists are not picking up on this. Paul reviews what things lead to CCD. Bayer Chemical has developed things to help fight CCD but they also have helped create CCD. Paul explains how people who use organic methods are much less impacted by CCD. Paul explains why bees swarm. There is hope because there are some people caring for bees with respect and reverence. Paul talks about how paint impacts hives. The movie discusses how buying organic will help send a message to the farmers. Paul concludes with a discussion of how the movie can help permaculture.See the website Vanishingbees.com.

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Credit: Kevin Murphy

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