020 – Thirty tinkerers in thirty minutes

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This podcast is a recording of Paul’s Permaculture Tinkerers Presentation A Frank Zappa quote about deviation gets discussed and how we need to deviate from the norm to make changes. Paul explains where he got the inspiration for his thirty minute presentation. Rocket Mass Heaters are briefly discussed. Paul explains how some of the math is manipulated when the government calculates efficiency of wood stoves and why Rocket Mass Heaters are superior in many ways.

Paul then explains WOFATI and what it means. W for woodland O for Oehler’s work F for freaky cheap ATI for thermal energy flywheel. Paul explains the WOFATI and how it is an above ground structure. Paul shows how he saved 87% on his heat bill. Paul reviews how compost can be used to heat a coil with water.

Rain barrel water harvesting is discussed but Paul wants to discuss that AFTER your hugelkulture mounds are set up. Paul discusses how your food will taste better if grown in hugel beds. Paul refers to his mug for inspiration. Chickens come up. A show of hands on who cleans coops and Paul explains how portable coops work.

cast iron skillets get discussed and cleaning with soap is not a big deal. Diatomaceous Earth is an edible powder that is deadly for bugs and freaky cheap and some people even eat DE. Paul talks about lawn care and how you can improve what you get out of your lawn. Tiny houses get touched on. Paul shows how Mike Oehler’s structure/ tiny house is nearly invisible. Paul discusses how Mike is getting tomatoes in December with his greenhouse design. A greenhouse with a rocket mass heater is discussed.

The rumford design is reviewed. A solar food dehydrator gets a brief mention. Cob ovens are reviewed. How to convert road kill to chicken food using maggots or black soldier fly larvae. Paul’s rule of bad smells is bad on a farm is explained. Paul mentions scythes and why they are better than a string trimmer. Why snakes are good for the garden and how to create habitat which helps with pest control.

Paul goes over colony collapse disorder with bees and how organic bee keepers are less affected. Vanishing of the bees is explained and how insecticides are harming the bees. Bicycles are mentioned and next is Cobb housing with tiny houses. Oregon Shepard is explained about how they are giving away materials are being given away if you know where to look. Paul discusses how large houses are not all that ecofriendly. Art Ludwig article is reviewed. Masanobu Fukuoka is proclaimed as a most productive farmer. Paul says to kick people who say organic can not feed the world. Earth berm pig shelter is reviewed. Shipping container homes are next. Sepp Holzer is praised by Paul. All of Sepp’s work is amazing. Sepp’s bone sauce recipe is really smelly. It keeps animals away for many years. A picture of Paul annoying Sepp gets a chuckle. Bone sauce placement is discussed. There is a how to in Sepp’s recent book on making the bone sauce. Paul takes some questions and says that if people can’t find the presentation which he posted on permies.com, they might be stupid and he does not really want them reading his information (joking (( but not really)) ).

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