034 – Sepp Holzer Film Presentation Part 1

If aphids are on a plant are they a pest? From a permaculture standpoint, the aphids are decomposing plant material. The aphids indicate that that plant should not be there. Sepp Holzer maximizes diversification by randomly spreading seed. Plants that do not grow so we’ll need to be removed and the aphids help remove the plants that do not belong there.

Paul suggested on a forum that spreading plants out would help control Colorado Potato Beetles but members at the forum did not quite get what Paul was talking about. A discussion of Sepp Holzer and tractors comes up. A question on invasive species is discussed. Paul explains how noxious means that the government does not like that plant. Paul explains how Sepp Holzer has lots of edge. Trees help minimize invasive species too. Sometimes invasive can just be a phase. Invasive plants seem to love monocultures too. If we diversify the environment the invasive species do not really have a good place to grow.

Paul uses a spider example as to why some species can be used to eliminate the food source for other spiders. Paul talks about how nice Mt. Sentinal could be if used for permaculture. A discussion on frost pockets comes next. Paul talks about another video where the planted trees to harvest for wood and how sometimes it is not cost effective to bring the timber down.

Paul explains how the government is watching Sepp Holzer very closely and how there are all kinds of rules he needs to abide by. When Sepp had visitors he showed some areas where the government would not let him work because of some puddles and dead trees. Sepp does his own tree propagation. Paul explains how pruning trees creates a great deal of work and how the tree can die if you stop pruning. Paul talks about how Sepp grows and propagates Apple trees. How close can a hugel bed be to an apricot tree? Paul says not too close. You do not want to smother the tree. Paul suggests stressing the tree a little is ok. Do not bury any of the trunk.

Paul talks about wind breaks. Conifers exude stuff that prevent other things from growing under it. To many conifers is not good for growing other plants. Paul talks about crabgrass and how he has not dealt with it much. Paul would chose to have a mowable meadow in stead of a lawn. Mix in some medicinal herbs and flowers. If Paul gets grass in the garden he smothers it with moldy hay. How Sepp controls the deer is discussed. Sepp observes what the deer like to eat and plants what they like because he likes to eat venison. Paul likes to use a dog to keep deer away from crops. Is a 12 ft fence the only way? Paul says no. He recommends looking at Gia’s Garden. You also need to understand what the deer pressure is like. High pressure requires fencing in most cases. Paul closes with a talk on giving presentations and talks about playing the next video.

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Credit:Kevin Murphy

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