wood burning stoves – super efficient rocket mass heater

Ernie and Erica Wisner have created over 700 rocket mass heaters, quite probably the most efficient woord burning stoves made. Ernie and Erica moderate the wood burning stoves forum at permies.com and help thousands of people build these stoves.

This video is of their latest wood burning stove. They’ve had snow on the ground for months, and have seen a fair bit of sub zero temperatures. And they stay warm all day with just one small fire each day. We talk about how warm we feel indoors 19 hours after the last fire was burned.

This wood burning stove has some enhancements over other rocket mass heaters in that it has a barrel top that will come off, plus the barrel has an extension at the bottom. The heat riser core is made of firebrick. After a couple months of use you can see the ash build up inside.