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Paul’s driving down the road, sharing thoughts for this and other podcasts. He touches on the upcoming Mac vs. PC podcast as well as the organic fast food reference system. Wouldn’t it be great if an independent organization rated fast food based on how truly good the food is?

It would be a reference guide for anyone interested in either sharing their foodie experience or anyone looking for guidance. It would also inspire a lot of fast and fast­ish companies to continue to improve what they are selling. It could be a 10 point scale aka 0 – 10.

McDonalds for example could have a ranking of .75; Whole Foods food bar may be a 7.5. The 3
biggest corporate fast food companies: McDonald’s, Wendy’s and Burger King are always vying
for top slot of the Big 3. What if this system inspired them to improve their quality of food? Even if their improvement was just enough to beat out the other 2, who were attempting to do the same.

At this time, there’s no such system, so Paul throws out a possibility of Permies.com starting a thread where “we” could rate or participate in a poll of fast food spots based on their organic goodness. Imagine if 20,000 or 30,000 people just rated any given fast food place – people wouldtake notice.

Here’s a link to a new thread on Permies.com:

New Fast Food Thread

All you have to do is make sure you’re signed up for Paul’s e­mails and post a reply with the name of any fast food joint (and city if it’s a stand alone) and your rating.Paul also talks about his work and the huge task he (and lots of other people) are undertaking. He mentions the need for help. If you can lend a hand please go to the tinkering forum and offer
to do something as simple as banging out a podcast synopsis.

Lots of people are pulling at Paul for 1 on 1 time, be it a phone call or coffee. Over 1,000 people are reached in any given hour as a result of Paul being in the Lab or filming or creating a podcast. It’s impossible to justify to the remaining 999 of us that 1 fellow enthusiast gets undivided attention, not to mention the 1000 people that would have been introduced to permaculture.

Permies is about sharing cool stuff that all of us are doing. Please post pictures, discoveries,failures, attempts and anything else that would benefit the masses out at permies. Make sure that you’re logging your work especially photographic logs and sharing it with a thread or a reply to someone else’s. That how to really help with world domination.

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Credit: Marianne Cicala

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