Podcast 235 – Review of a Pig in a Day

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Paul meets with Brandon, Jocelyn and Richard to discuss pigs, butchering and charcuterie.

Paul talks about the 3 videos that you can find on Brandon’s website and how he appreciated watching them because of their art, humor and poetry talking about how you can best use pork, starting from the pig in the field to home charcuterie.

He talks about how people get disconnected from their food, and how the need for love and care to the animals can extend to eating them.

Then they go on talking about Brandon’s videos compared to a DVD called ‘Pig in a Day‘ that they just watched prior to the podcast.

They talk about butchering technics and pig division and how it is all connected to regional culinary practices.

They go on discussing Hot Dog manufacturing which leads to a major part on sanitized meat versus the need of bacteria for good quality meat processing.

Brandon gives his thoughts on the ‘pig in a day‘ DVD and talks about his love for small scale butchery, and the beauty in traditional practices. Nitrates in meat is discussed with curing and fermenting techniques for the meat.

Then they examine the killing and butchering of the pig step by step, with some anecdotes from Paul.

And finally they end the podcast with a list of notes from Paul :

  • Legal practices to harvest your pigs
  • Drying meat in the sun
  • Brandon traditional services he offer to small scale farmers
  • Pigs flexibility to thrive in different environments
  • Barbed wires fences
  • Tools to use and sharpening technics dvd
  • Jocelyn discovering Rillette, and Brandon describing the process of making Rillette and more …

Richard sum up with the importance of ethical treatment to make the pigs happy for a better quality meat.

Credit: Summary prepared by Bart Glumineau

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