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284 – Reverence for Bees part 1

This podcast with Paul and Jacqueline Freeman discussing bees is one of my favorites and worth listening to, sharing and listening to again. Jacqueline and her “reverence for bees” is a self proclaimed handmaiden to the bees. They discuss her love for all animals on her farm and the interactions with them on a daily […]

283 – Permaculture Voices

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Paul, Jocelyn and Bart are driving to the San Diego Airport from Permaculture Voices. They review their experience at the conference and express how amazing the conference was. They talk about the value of the possible videos that Diego will probably release. They talk about the amazing time they had staying in a house with […]

282 – Geoff Lawton Q&A Round 3

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When last we heard our fearless interviewees, Geoff Lawton was sounding like a robot due to internet wilding. They cut it off at that point, and have now gotten together to go through more questions: “Should permaculturalists follow their national permaculture organization’s rules, or do what Bill Mollison says in his design manual.” Geoff says, […]

281 – Geoff Lawton Q&A Round 2 – Part 2

Best way to establish a food forest in high desert (Rocky Mountains) with annual rainfall 3″-8″ at 7500 ft above sea level. Geoff says he’s getting a lot of questions about high dry deserts. It is a difficult landscape, because it’s quite cool, but still dry. You’ll have to work hard on your nursery systems, […]

280 – Geoff Lawton Q&A Round 2 – Part 1

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More questions for Geoff Lawton, including good information about how you could help at the Jordan project (if you can get yourself there). Geoff says you could travel the world today going from project to project if you are a good worker and a good person. If you’re going to be an intern at Geoff’s […]