006 – Cast Iron Cookware

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In this podcast Jocelyn and Paul chat about about cast iron cookware, particularly skillets.They start by talking about Paul’s cast iron skillet article. He says that because people were still doubting his claims about eggs not sticking, he created this video to prove them wrong. They also mention the other video he has about cleaning a cast iron skillet.

Jocelyn asks what lead Paul to use cast iron initially and he says a lot of it has to do with his granddad using one. They go on to discuss the long list of reasons to use cast iron. A few of them are: the various toxins that come along with non-stick pans and the fact that cast iron lasts way longer.

They then jump into the details of seasoning the cast iron and Paul sums it up with, “Don’t use an oven.” They briefly touch upon kitchen wood care and continue to discuss different types polymerization you need to have. They talk about how to get rid of seasoning layers for various reasons.

For a while Paul and Jocelyn talk about the different types, brands, and prices of cast iron skillets. They move into discussing the ins and outs of which spatulas are necessary for cooking with cast iron skillets. Lastly, Paul busts some myths about using soap on cast iron.

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