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373 – Epic Shit

Fred and Paul discuss Paul’s article “Struggles, Hurdles, Challenges and Observations” about how you can choose whether you want to produce “Epic Shit” or want to live a little grey life. If you choose to work hard and learn things that other people don’t know how to do – you can produce “Epic Shit”. If […]

372 – Well

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Today’s podcast is about rural wells and fixing things yourself. It’s Paul talking to Fred about the prolonged adventure of repairing the well down at basecamp when it stopped functioning a few weeks ago. They were without water for 15 days, but they did get the job done! It just took… a whole lot longer […]

371 – Review of Just Enough – Part 7

Paul had Abe Coley and Rory Page with him to review Just Enough: Lesson on Living Green from Traditional Japan by Azby Brown. They discuss City Living. They talk about the vast air temperature difference between this city and modern day cities being a result of using dirt roads/walkways as well as their focus on […]

370 – Botany in a Day Review – Part 6

Paul had Neil Bertrando from Reno, Nevada with him in this podcast to review Botany in a Day, by Thomas J. Elpel. Exploring the Mallow sub-class, Paul discovered that it includes Huckleberries, Blueberries, the Mustard family, the Squash family, and the Poop Beasts (Poplars, Cottonwoods and Willows). St John’s Wort family. St John’s Wort is […]

369 – Review of Just Enough – Part 6

In this podcast Paul continues the discussion of Just Enough with Abe Coley and Rory Paige. This section took a left turn from the rest of the book, the narrative and illustrations ended and was replaced by a list of rules and things you should do. The discussion starts out with doing good things instead […]