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351 – Update from Wheaton Lab and Listener Questions Part 2

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Paul, Jocelyn and Fred continue their discussion with Paul’s announcement of Ant village 2017 pricing. They then move on to more listener questions. The first one pertains to what ratio of nitrogen fixers Paul recommends for planting. They talk about the issue of chopped and dropped branches breaking down in a dry climate and they […]

350 – Update from Wheaton Lab and Listener Questions Part 1

Paul, Jocelyn and Fred talk about things that have been going on at Wheaton Lab. They talk about Jerusalem artichokes (sunchokes) that were harvested at Basecamp and they cook them. They discuss planting tree seeds and how Paul’s Patreon seems to make it worth cranking out more videos, podcast, and articles. Paul and Jocelyn went […]

349 – LED vs Incandescent Light

Paul, Jocelyn and Fred discuss the question whether incandescent light is still better than LED light. The short answer is “yes.” The longer answer fills a podcast. They explore many aspects: subsidy, energy sucking activities (heating, cooling, drying clothes, cooking), lighting habits, light quality, longevity, toxicity from cradle to grave, complexity, and the total energy […]

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348 – Permaculture Millionaire

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Paul wrote a post as a reaction to an article in the Huffington Post about permaculture. It is the story of Gert and Ferd. Ferd commutes to work, buys all his food, buys all his entertainment and has little disposable income. Gert is living the permaculture dream; she is not rich, but she would not […]

347 – Ant Village Challenge Update – Part 2

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In recent times, the focus has been primarily on the Ant Village. Ant village is going well, other projects, not so much. The berm shed that was originally proposed to be constructed in four days may someday soon be finished, more than a year later. Fred is working on it with Kai. A fair amount […]

346 – Ant Village Challenge Update – Part 1

Paul is with Fred and Jocelyn to record a podcast for us! Thanks, Jocelyn, this is a great idea! (She’s pencilled regular get togethers for podcast recordings into Paul’s schedule.) The DVDs are finally out – huzzah. You should have some by now if you ordered them. The first of the four – building a […]