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279 – Geoff Lawton Q&A

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Geoff Lawton reached out to Paul to discuss the peoples questions. Paul explained how the forum generated a lot of questions. Some of the questions were answered by other forum members. Paul thought that they should focus on the tougher questions. Question: How can trees generate more moisture thru condensation? What is the critical number […]

278 – Gaia’s Garden Chapter 10

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After almost 2 years, Paul and Jocelyn are back reading Gaia’s Garden. Mostly home scale, zone 1, zone 2. One of the best parts of this chapter is the table in the middle. Tying guilds into a unified landscape. The role of [productive] trees, trees as the foundation of a forest. The yields of trees […]

276 – Geoff Lawton on Permaculture Part 1

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Geoff Lawton answers a ton of questions like why he’s not on the Permaculture Playing Cards. Paul and Geoff discuss how they deal with detractors. They discuss the top women in permaculture. Why is there hostility in the permaculture movement.? How did metaphysics wind up in permaculture? Who is in charge of permaculture? If no […]

277 – Geoff Lawton on Permaculture Part 2

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This is the continuation of podcast 276. The podcast starts with Paul asking if Geoff Lawton is a hippie. They talk about the PRI certified instructors and whether the holding hand and singing sound is part of a PDC. Geoff’s opinion is that if a PDC will include a metaphysical portion, it should be advertised […]

Podcast 275 – Chicken Tractors Debate

Sam, Petey, Emily, Jocelyn, & Paul have a discussion and rebuttal of the Paul Wheaton versus Darby Simpson Chicken Tractoring Duel (TSP Episode 1297). Items discussed: Chicken Tractors vs. Salatin style Pen vs. Paddock Shift Scalable systems. Tractors: the philosophy v the contraption The scorched earth philosophy. Will Paul raise chickens at the Laboratory? Lots […]

Podcast 274 – Earthworks DVD Set Part 2

It’s been three weeks, time for another walking/talking podcast with Paul and Jocelyn! Somehow 14 inches of snow isn’t nearly as CRUNCHY as last time. Jocelyn’s arm is still in a cast, and she’s not supposed to use that arm at all, so she’s really glad that she’s living in community right now. The Kickstarter […]