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cob eco building village – cobville tour 1 of 2

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Visting the all cob ecovillage “cobville” in coquille, oregon. Including the tour guide Ianto Evans, author of “The Hand Sculpted House” – home of the “cob cottage company”. I have never seen so much cob before. Cob homes. Cob ovens. Standalone cob walls. Rocket mass heaters made from cob. Cob benches for sitting and cob […]

stinging nettles – skeeter on eating stinging nettles

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Michael “Skeeter” Pilarski gives a wildcrafiting tour during the washington state permaculture convergence. In this part he focuses on stinging nettles. And there is a short seqway about bone healing herbs. Skeeter is a well known permaculture instructor and professional wildcrafter. He talks about eating stinging nettles, and using stinging nettles for … nets! He […]

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eco house – shipping container eco house / home

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A tour of an eco house made from an insulated shipping container. This eco house is small, humble, cheap and pretty nice considering how cheap it is. Includes a composting toilet. A sort of “secret” eco house – from the drive it looks like a shipping container being used for storage. Inside it looks like […]

Official “Earth Sheltered Solar Greenhouse” – pit construction

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I took a wee bit of video with my crappy camera while visiting Mike Oehler in north idaho. This is the official solar greenhouse per his popular book “The Earth Sheltered Solar Greenhouse Book”. The solar greenhouse is drafty, but he gets tomatoes in mid december with no added heat. I think the greenhouse construction […]

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500 showers heated from one small compost pile how to tutorial

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Brian Kerkvliet from Inspiration Farm tells us about his little compost pile that provided 500 hot showers. Compost heat can, indeed, be captured to heat water. After the hot showers, you have a lovely pile of compost! The moisture from the shower feeds mushrooms! Hot water, compost and mushrooms. Permaculture!

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$50 underground house eco building

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Mike Oehler guides us on a video tour of the house he wrote about in “The $50 and up underground house book”. At the time the video is taken, this underground house is 35 years old. The property has about six underground houses. This underground house was his home for most of the 35 years. […]

profit: organic farming vs. permaculture farming

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Helen Atthowe considers economic benefits (profit!) in organic farming systems vs. permaculture farming systems (aka: conservation farming; agricultural ecology conservation farming). Benefits include: less labor, less land, zero spraying for insects, less fertilizer, less weeding, While organic farming focused more on managing crops, soil fertility, reduction of pests, and reduction of chemicals. A permaculture farm […]

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12 rocket stove mass heaters – efficient wood heat

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A compilation of 12 rocket mass heaters. 8 video clips of rocket mass heaters, 2 video clips of pocket rockets, 1 picture from the cover of the book on rocket mass heaters and one drawing from me making a feeble attempt to explain what a rocket mass heater looks like. And look! A peek at […]

Sepp Holzer – Part 1 – Early Permaculture Innovations

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Sepp Holzer, the permaculture leader, in the USA – talking about his earliest discoveries as a boy genius! Sepp Holzer covers the use of rocks on steep slopes and thorns to protect from deer. Sepp Holzer also initiates an income model at the age of six!

One Cob Cottage at Cobville, with a Rocket Mass Heater

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People have been asking me for a video of a completed rocket mass heater, so I hereby submit this tiny video clip. There is the rocket stove with huge bench, a beautifully shaped cob structure complete with a few folks visiting in it.

wood burning stoves – super efficient rocket mass heater

Ernie and Erica Wisner have created over 700 rocket mass heaters, quite probably the most efficient woord burning stoves made. Ernie and Erica moderate the wood burning stoves forum at and help thousands of people build these stoves. This video is of their latest wood burning stove. They’ve had snow on the ground for […]

Rocket Stove Mass Heater Workshop How To Tutorial

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Rocket Stove Mass Heater – I attended this workshop in February 2009. The primary instructor was Ianto Evans, author of “Rocket Mass Heaters: Superefficient Woodstoves YOU Can Build” other instructors included Ernie, Erica, Max and Kiko. Basically, this is a super efficient wood burning stove, with a cob bench bench thermal mass to hold the […]

Egg Slides Around on a Cast Iron Skillet

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First, fry a single egg on a cast iron griddle, and then a six egg scramble on a cast iron skillet. Using a bit of bacon grease. Salt and pepper on the skillet. Focus on proper heat and on cleanup. Proper spatula examined. Powered by the article “cooking with cast iron ain’t so hard!” I […]