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048 – Discussion on Family, Bugs, Mining, Missoula

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Paul discusses some company who came to visit early. He and his brother Tim have such different views on politics that it’s hard to believe they’re related. Tim has a passion for politics and is a conservative based on what Paul expresses. Jocelyn explains how politics are not allowed on Permies. Paul would rather discuss […]

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047 – Gaias Garden chapter 5

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Paul Wheaton and Jocelyn Campbell discuss chapter 5 of Gaia’s Garden, by Toby Hemenway. The chapter was on catching, conserving, and using water. Toby writes of “the 5 fold path to water wisdom,” which includes: 1) having rich soil with lots of organic matter, 2) deep mulching 3) locating plants according to water needs 4) […]

046 – Ants and aphids Fruit trees

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Paul and Jocelyn are visiting Whip & Kelley in Big Fork Montana. He was asked to help solve an infestation problem on an apple tree. Paul sees a lonely apple tree with a deer proofing wire cage and a strawberry plant. ants and aphids were everywhere on this tree and the signs of aphids were […]

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045 – Water Harvesting, Ponds, and Alternative energy

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Paul, Caleb, and Krista review Geoff Lawton’s movie, “Water Harvesting”. After a little initial joking about Paul’s ‘water sound effects’, the three of them introduce themselves and then discuss the dinner they had along with having watched the movie. Focusing then on the topic, Paul gives an overview of the events of the movie. This […]

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044 – Gaias Garden chapter 4

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Paul Wheaton, Jocelyn Campbell and Dave Bennett sit down to review chapter four of Toby Hemenway’s Gaia’s Garden, which Paul proclaims is the best chapter so far in the book. Jocelyn points out that Paul probably loved the opening quote which led them into discussing “soil” versus “dirt” and Paul points out the difference and […]

043 – Gaia’s Garden chapters forward to 3

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Review of Gaia’s Garden. Paul and Jocelyn review the first three chapters of the book. The first edition came out in 2000 and the second edition came out in 2009. This podcast covers the forward and the first three chapters but the newer edition does not have a forward. Paul’s edition has a forward by […]

042 – Intentional Community Part 2

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Paul visited a few of other people’s podcasts about permaculture and was impressed with how professional they were. Paul liked Carol Steinfelds podcast in particular regarding composting toilets. Jocelyn mentions that Paul’s podcasts are more conversational. Paul discusses how his podcasts are going out daily and videos every other day and how there is not […]

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041 – Planned obsolescence

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Paul and Jocelyn have both watched the same movie, Pyramids of Waste, a.k.a The Lightbulb Conspiracy. The movie does a good job documenting how companies plan obsolescence. Jocelyn gives a shout out to Eric Kimmitt for finding the movie. Paul discusses his forum post and how the movie really got lots of attention at Reddit. […]

040 – Review of Movies Supersize Me Fathead

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Paul and Jocelyn discuss both movies, Super­size Me which almost everyone has either heard about or seen and the later (2009) rebuttal, Fatheads. Super Size Me Paul begins with a bad joke and his general overview of Super­size Me, that received huge publicity and rave review, with a simple “utter crap” synopsis. Jocelyn gives a […]

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038 – Art Summer Solstice in Seattle

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A discussion on art and the Summer Solstice in Seattle has already been in progress, butPaul decides it is important enough that it should be recorded. Jocelyn Campbell was invited to a solstice event and Paul asked what sorts of things they were doing at it. She replies about the various visiting, drumming, snacks and […]

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037 – Intentional community

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Paul and Jocelyn begin a conversation about all of the possibilities, downfalls and challenges of an intentional community Paul begins with underscoring that any community is about getting along whether it is where you live or on a forum like permies. He describes this podcast as a confluence of potentially helpful observations, beginning with being […]

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036 – Aquaculture Community, and Weeds

In this podcast Paul Wheaton sits down to a roundtable discussion with friends Rob, Krista, Suzy, and Caleb at the Iron Horse Pub in Cast Iron cook wear and their shock that the ‘non-stick’ modern cookwear actually seem to stick more. Suzy confirms that she has removed the ‘non-stick’ wear from their kitchen and that […]

035 – Sepp Holzer Film Presentation Part 2

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The podcasts begins as Sepp Holzer’s Aquaculture movie has concluded. Paul states that the Q&A has to be short. He points out that in the movie, Sepp would talk for a long period, but the translation would be brief. From his own experience with three translators, Sepp uses a lot of language that the translators […]