119 – Ingredients Movie Review

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Paul awards the film a B, gauging its value as a farm income resource for those interested in selling superior quality farm products directly to chefs who are willing to pay accordingly for superior flavor. While the film is an excellent permaculture-related documentary, Paul suggests Geoff Lawton’s Food Forest, or Sepp Holzer’s films as better […]

118 – How to Dive In to Permaculture

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Paul hosts listener Josiah Wallingford, advising him on the dive into permaculture. Before this, however, Paul speaks to listener comments expressing hopes for future podcast guests, styles and topics by suggesting that listeners follow Wallingford’s example and start their own RSS feed. Wallingford explains how an RSS (rich site summary) feed is a customizable web […]

profit: organic farming vs. permaculture farming

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Helen Atthowe considers economic benefits (profit!) in organic farming systems vs. permaculture farming systems (aka: conservation farming; agricultural ecology conservation farming). Benefits include: less labor, less land, zero spraying for insects, less fertilizer, less weeding, While organic farming focused more on managing crops, soil fertility, reduction of pests, and reduction of chemicals. A permaculture farm […]

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117 – Democratic Community

Paul and Jocelyn address listener questions regarding democratic governance of intentional communities. They begin by emphasizing three points: First, that progress in establishing functional permaculture systems is made possible by successive implementation of numerous symbiotic strategy and design elements, manifesting as specific projects or decisions, that cumulatively effect meaningfully positive change; second, that a minimum […]

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116 – Eco Labeling Recycling Legality

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Paul Wheaton talks with Jocelyn Campbell about some more listener questions. They talk about Paul’s version of a rating system that Missoula‘s Good Food Store could use, which is similar to Jack Spirko’s Agritrue. They talk about requesting lard. Jocelyn would love to have a polyculture label. Helen Atthowe uses a veganic label. They talk […]

115 – Wanderlust Review

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Paul Wheaton talks with Jocelyn Campbell about Wanderlust, the movie. It is a comedy about a couple that goes to live in an “intentional community,” which is more of a dysfunctonal commune. One funny part is having a “truth circle” in which everyone has had psychadelics in their tea without their knowing, and its just […]

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12 rocket stove mass heaters – efficient wood heat

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A compilation of 12 rocket mass heaters. 8 video clips of rocket mass heaters, 2 video clips of pocket rockets, 1 picture from the cover of the book on rocket mass heaters and one drawing from me making a feeble attempt to explain what a rocket mass heater looks like. And look! A peek at […]

113 – Permaculture as a Household Word

Paul Wheaton talks with Jocelyn Campbell mention Paul’s pheasant video. They talk about farms having a “bone yard.” How could you imagine getting to a world where permaculture is a household word. Paul says that is his hope with the hugelkultur into the brains of 50 million thread. Jocelyn talks about how people don’t understand […]

Sepp Holzer – Part 1 – Early Permaculture Innovations

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Sepp Holzer, the permaculture leader, in the USA – talking about his earliest discoveries as a boy genius! Sepp Holzer covers the use of rocks on steep slopes and thorns to protect from deer. Sepp Holzer also initiates an income model at the age of six!

112 – Trolls Backyard Ponds Local Food Compost

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Paul Wheaton talks with Jocelyn Campbell about listener questions. Jocelyn asks people to change their names to a believable first name_last name. Paul shares about Helen Atthowe. A big thank you to Josiah Wallingford for all the work he’s done overhauling the podcast wordpress site. Message to everybody: go to the new itunes thing, not […]

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111 – Integrity and Being Alone

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Paul Wheaton talks about holding true to your value set or having friends. Paul’s started communities and left and they’ve fallen apart. He talks about when he feels it’s appropriate to say, “Fuck off” versus when he is encouraging spreading the hugelkultur article to 50 million people. He talks about independent thought, integrity  and consensus […]

One Cob Cottage at Cobville, with a Rocket Mass Heater

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People have been asking me for a video of a completed rocket mass heater, so I hereby submit this tiny video clip. There is the rocket stove with huge bench, a beautifully shaped cob structure complete with a few folks visiting in it.

wood burning stoves – super efficient rocket mass heater

Ernie and Erica Wisner have created over 700 rocket mass heaters, quite probably the most efficient woord burning stoves made. Ernie and Erica moderate the wood burning stoves forum at permies.com and help thousands of people build these stoves. This video is of their latest wood burning stove. They’ve had snow on the ground for […]

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