103 – Eco Poser Test

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Paul and Jocelyn are here after a few weeks without podcasts. Paul’s been accumulating things he wants to put in a podcast, but he’s been too busy to sit down and make one. The web) empire continues to grow. It’s hard to decide whether to put energy into making new stuff, or promoting the stuff […]

102 – Thrive

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Paul Wheaton and Jocelyn Campbell review the film, Thrive. They also mention the graphic novel by Derrick Jensen, “As the World Burns: 50 simple things you can do to stay in denial.” Jack Spirko’s listeners and Transition Town groups would possibly be aligned with this movie. Foster Gamble, the main speaker in the film, explains […]

101 – Letter From a Birmingham Jail

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Paul Wheaton reads Martin Luther King Jr’s Letter from a Birmingham Jail, prefaced by the letter to the editor by local clergy that it is in response to. This letter is very applicable in these times, as well as those in which it was written. Relavent Threads Egalitarianism vs. Celebrating Diversity Paul’s Political Podcast Relavent […]

100 – CFL Compact Fluorescent Lightbulbs

Paul talks with Andrew Monkhouse, an epileptic friend of his from the world of software engineering. Andrew shares his story of discovering what triggered his attacks. He shares about the frequency of fluorescent lights, and how it affects him. Fluorescent lights take a while to warm up enough to its full brightness. Paul gets into […]

099 – Lessons from the Forest

Paul talks with Jack Spirko ofthesurvivalpodcast.com on lessons from the forest. Some points: 1. Contour is king. The healthiest trees on Jack’s forest were already on the contour lines. 2. The forest floor is a lake. There is about an inch of rainfall in the first 3 inches deep of forest. You don’t irrigate what’s […]

098 – Hot Water

Paul talks with Caleb and Krista about rocket mass heaters and getting hot water out of the deal. They talk about possible explosion. Caleb describes what a pressure release valve is. Paul “explodes,” himself (regardings CFLs). They get into Jean Pain’s compost approach to heating water. Paul talks about solar hot water and legionella bacteria. […]

097 – The Man Who Planted Trees

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Paul reviews “The Man Who Planted Trees,” a beautifully animated short film, with Caleb and Krista. Paul gives a synopsis of the story. The film focuses on a man, Elzèar Bouffier, who by planting trees over the years brings back creeks to the desolate place he started with. Paul comments on biochar. They talk about […]

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096 – The Man Who Stopped the Desert

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Paul reviews “The Man Who Stopped the Desert” with Caleb and Krista. The film is about Yacuba, in the Sahel, just south of the Sahara Desert. He practiced zai, which is similar to permaculture. It involves making pits for water harvesting before the rains came. Yacuba was great at observation. They did something similar to […]

095 – Listener Feedback Integrity Frugality

Paul Wheaton talks to Jocelyn Campbell again about listener feedback. Paul found out he has lots of conservative listeners, which surprised him, in particular one man who had a few words to say about Christianity. Paul and Jocelyn talk about integrity. Paul talks about his kickstarter campaign. Paul talks about his land situation, and his […]

094 – Electric Heat, Peeing Outdoors and Permies.com

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Paul Wheaton talks to Jocelyn Campbell about several things–starting with how happy he is about being treated well recently. He then talks about some negative feedback he has had via the internet. People tend to hold Paul to a higher standard than they hold themselves. Paul explains a few things about his article: I cut […]

093 – Urban Permaculture – Geoff Lawton

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Paul Wheaton talks to Kane Jamison of Seattle Homestead, Lacia Lynne Bailey, and Jocelyn Campbell, reviewing the Urban Permaculture DVD with Geoff Lawton. Lacia uses a paddock shift system for urban pastured poultry, and raises urban dairy goats. Paul talks about permaculture and lawns. He likes the “mowable meadow.” Lacia calls it the “photosynthesizing gathering […]

092 – Canning Worms Chickens Weeds

In this episode Paul sits down and has a chat with his friends Wilson and Kya. Wilson and Kya run Pantry Paratus selling homesteading gear. This Podcast was recorded in their booth at the ‘Inland Northwest Permaculture Conference’. It is a conference so there is a bit of noise in the background, but not much. […]

091 – WOFATI Eco Buildings

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Paul shares about wofati buildings, an eco building that requires no heat or air conditioning, can be made from the materials on your woodland, and is quicker and cheaper to build than strawbale or cob. Their primary design changes are the exterior walls. Straw is not a particulary good insulation, and cob is beautiful, but […]

090 – Geoff Lawton Part 2

Paul Wheaton continues his conversation with Geoff Lawton. (The first part of the conversation is discussed here). Geoff talks about the importance of cooperation rather than territorialism–we need to promote anybody we can, and offer education wherever possible. It is the opposite of how you might normally think about business. We want to maintain networks […]

089 – Geoff Lawton Part 1

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Paul Wheaton interviews Geoff Lawton. Geoff has dvds out on Soils, Food Forests, Water Harvesting, Introduction to Permaculture, and Urban Pemaculture. Paul shares aout Norris Thomlinson. Geoff Mentions Path to Freedom, and 2 families living off of half the size land that Norris was on. Geoff says that permaculture is more interested in edge than […]

088 – Ran Prieur

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Paul talks to Ran Prieur of ranprieur.com. They discuss Ran buying a house, specifically a HUD (Housing Urban Development) house, which is cheaper. Ran says that permaculture is a brand, like Nike, with the common thread of ecological and systems thinking. He would like to see permaculture keep its integrity rather than be dumbed down […]

087 – Replacing Irrigation with Permaculture

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Paul presents on replacing irrigation with permaculture. He shares about the Sahara Desert, and the relationship between trees and rainfall. Irrigation washes away nutrients. Sepp Holzer brings back the lakes in Spain. Geoff Lawton greens the desert in Jordan. Willie Smits in Borneo carefully measured everything and brought back rainfall. Bill Mollison plants honey locusts […]

086 – Symbiculture Paul’s Community

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Paul Wheaton talks to himself. He is preparing the new software for permies.com. Paul mentions his last podcast on greed. Paul comments on a recent permaculture event and why he didn’t go. Paul comments on true community. He comments on beauty being an element that holds community together. Paul says Helen Atthowe is embarrassed by […]

085 – Greed

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Paul Wheaton and “Jocelyn Campbell talk about “greed,” in response to a recent thread at permies.com, Is unbridled greed and ambition compatible with permaculture? Paul expresses his frustration in the permaculture world towards those who use the third ethic, “share the surplus,” to their advantage and call those who have worked hard for surplus greedy. […]

084 – Alexia Allen

Paul Wheaton talks with Alexia Allen in Woodinville, WA. Alexia works with the WIlderness Awareness School, and lives on Hawthorn Farm. Paul starts with commenting on Alexia’s lionhead rabbit. Alexia was in Paul’s Respectful Chicken Harvest video. Alexia was making lichen dyed yarn. Alexia is motivated by gratitude. She is asked a question about eating […]

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